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Unleash the Excitement: Four Thrilling Sport Fishing Yachts Under $1 Million

Attention passionate anglers! Owning a sport fishing yacht is no longer a distant dream, as top-tier vessels are available at excitingly affordable prices under $1 million. Brace yourself for the exhilarating world of sport fishing with these exceptional yachts that deliver both value and adventure. Feast your eyes on our handpicked collection of four sensational sport fishing yachts currently for sale through FGI Yacht Group.

RENEGADE | Hatteras | 19.81m | 2001 | $795,000


Experience the power of RENEGADE, a mesmerizing 65′ Convertible Sportfisherman from Hatteras. With timeless elegance and captivating sporty allure, this sleek fiberglass vessel is perfect for coastal fishing escapades. Equipped with three staterooms, RENEGADE combines efficiency, reliability, and ruggedness. Meticulously maintained with a recent repaint, it is ready for thrilling fishing expeditions. Priced at $795,000, it awaits in Freeport.

Devotion | Viking Yachts | 18.59m | 2003 | $949,000


Feel the thrill aboard Devotion, a meticulously maintained 61 Viking Convertible yacht. Its sporty exterior exudes confidence, while the warm and classic interior offers a sanctuary of comfort. With a three-stateroom layout accommodating up to six guests, Devotion is perfect for luxurious retreats after exciting days on the water. Priced at $949,000, it beckons from Alabama.

SHILOH | Viking Yachts | 19.81m | 2001 | $990,000


Prepare for the sleek and nimble SHILOH, a 65 Viking convertible embodying unrivaled craftsmanship. Its timeless design and minimalist interior exude sophistication. With a three-stateroom layout, SHILOH ensures absolute comfort for up to six guests. Priced at $990,000 in Cape Coral, Florida, it eagerly awaits new adventures.

These exhilarating sport fishing yachts are available for under $1 million, allowing you to unleash the excitement of angling adventures without compromise. Contact FGI Yacht Group now to seize the opportunity and embark on unforgettable fishing escapades with these thrilling vessels.